Torabika Soccer Championship

13 April 2016


Torabika again proved its commitment to the revival of Indonesian football. Torabika became one of the main sponsors in the biggest and the most prestigious football competition in Indonesia, namely Torabika Soccer Championship (formerly Indonesia Soccer Championship A / ISC A). Thus ended the long wait for the Indonesian people. The country’s football lovers will be able to enjoy a quality football competition with the presence of Torabika Soccer Championship, presented by IM3 Ooredoo.

The inaugural match took place on April 29, 2016 and attended by the President of the Republic of Indonesia Mr. Ir. Joko Widodo. Kick off the inaugural match was held in Papua between the teams "MutiaraHitam" Persipura Jayapura and "Macan Kemayoran" Persija Jakarta. This opening match brought an outstanding revival to Indonesian football and marked the start of 306 football matches full of drama, action, and exciting and unforgettable moments for approximately 6 months.

Previously, Torabika has consistently supported the revival of national football since the Sudirman Cup and Torabika Bhayangkara Cup. Torabika is sure that football lovers and coffee lovers alike will be able to enjoy the fragrant aroma and solid taste of Torabika coffee, which will add to the spirit and festivity of football in Indonesia.
Photo by: Agus Suparto