Together With Danisa, Give Golden Gratitude, Give Thousands of Goodwill

06 September 2021

This year's moon festival takes place in a special context, making it a hard time for everyone to fully enjoy moments of togetherness. Nevertheless, with thoughtfulness, sincerity, and happiness packed in Danisa, we can still celebrate the festivity with utmost gratitude albeit being apart.

Ho Chi Minh City, September 6, 2021: This year's Mid-Autumn Festival, Danisa - a prestigious butter cookies brand from Denmark is pleased to introduce an exclusive initiative "Together with Danisa, Give Golden Gratitude, Give Thousands of Good Will" to spark more inspirations for a warm-hearted Mid-Autumn Festival in the context of social distancing with many challenges. This year, the Mid-Autumn Festival takes place in special circumstances, but the true meaning of the Tet of Reunion is always cherished. Right now, the moments together, the words of thank-you and a gratitude gift become the priceless gifts that we give to each other.

As a symbol of the noble Gift of Gratitude, Danisa is pleased to accompany their customers in sending warm feelings for their loved ones through the program "Give Golden Gratitude, Give Thousands of Good Will", with many meaningful gifts that contribute to creating warm moments in this year's Mid-Autumn Festival. Moreover, Danisa will join hands with the community to share gratitude and contribute Mid-Autumn gifts to medical volunteers who are working to fight the pandemic in Ho Chi Minh City.

Danisa sparks inspirations for this year's special Mid-Autumn Festival with a new gift of gratitude

As part of the program, Danisa launches a Limited Edition Set, which offers the delicious traditional Danisa butter cookies, with a special complementary gift of Danish Royal Lantern that can bring you and your beloved family a warm and peaceful ambience during this year's special Mid-Autumn Festival. Inspired by the famous Danish landmarks, highlighted by the majestic Equestrian Statue of King Frederick V and the magnificent Fredensborg Palace under the starry sky, the Danisa lantern will be an interesting node in the decorative corner of your home for this year's Full Moon Festival. The moments when the whole family gathers together to fold the lanterns, enjoy the delicious cookies, and talk by the sparkling lights will also be meaningful "gifts" for this special moon festival of reunion.

Furthermore, the Limited Edition Gift Box is also a notable gifting idea for the separated family members, who albeit being away from home, can still express words of gratitude for their loved ones by sending a gift. The sweet presents that reflect endearment despite being apart will become priceless and substantial in keeping our beloved family and friends motivated on the shared journey ahead.

The moments when the whole family gathers together enjoy the delicious cookies, and talk by the sparkling lights will also be meaningful "gifts".

Moreover, inside each gift box, customers will find a lucky draw code with a chance to win 3 Golden Harvest Moon Cookies made from 24k Gold. Inspired by one of Danisa's five signature cookies, Danisa Golden Harvest Moon is a symbol of fullness and abundance like the full moon, and the most special gift of gratitude that Danisa especially presents to customers this Mid-Autumn Festival.

Three Danisa Golden Harvest Moon Cookies made of a tael of 24k gold Prizes of the Lucky draw program

In addition to that, to spread the spirit of gratitude in the community, Danisa also invites our customers to participate in sharing gratitude via the photo application on Facebook, and thereby send thousands of Mid-Autumn Festival gifts to the teams of medical volunteers working in the frontlines. Accordingly, via the Danisa application, users will make creative images/ video and send gratitude messages to their beloved relatives and friends. With per 10 shares, Danisa will give a gifts of gratitude to the teams of medical volunteers who are currently working away from home in Ho Chi Minh City. The Mid-Autumn Festival, albeit not spent together with families, will still be warm with words of encouragement and gifts, giving strength to volunteers to keep their spirits up and do their best to protect the health of the community.

Mr. Sunardi Tjhin - Country Manager of Danisa Vietnam shared: “For many years, Danisa butter cookies have always been a gift symbolizing noble gratitude in many countries around the world. In Vietnam, last year, we first introduced a special gift set for the Mid-Autumn Festival and received enthusiastic support from those who love Danisa. That's why this year we introduce the Special Edition Danisa Box to continue to help customers express their gratitude through meaningful gifts. The context of this year's Mid-Autumn Festival is very special, however, the true meaning of the "season of gratitude" does not fade, on the contrary, this is an opportunity to tighten the bonds between family members, friends, colleagues, partners. … Let's show each other that we care and express sincere thanks to those who are always next to us, accompanying us. This Mid-Autumn Festival is a great opportunity for you to give that precious gift.”

This year's moon festival, Danisa organizes many activities to motivate customers to give gratitude by sincere expressions during the special Moon festival of the whole community. The image of the Danish Royal Lantern or the Danisa Golden Harvest Moon are both interesting metaphors for the reunion inspirations and sincere gratitude that Danisa wants to send to each family. Each Danisa box this year will be a delicate gift to help you convey your whole-hearted endearment to those you cherish.

This Mid-Autumn is an opportunity to tighten the bonds between family members.

The program "Together with Danisa, Give Golden Gratitude, Give Thousands of Good Will"

From August 24, 2021 to October 10, 2021, when customers buy Danisa Limited Edition of 681g or 908g under the scope of the program will receive 01 Danish Royal Lantern and have a chance to participate in the Lucky draw to win 01 out of 03 Danisa Golden Harvest Moon.

  •  Lucky draw timeline: Divided into 3 phases:
  •  Phase 1: September 11, 2021
  •  Phase 2: September 21, 2021
  •  Phase 3: October 11, 2021
  •  Prizes: 3 Special Prizes: Each prize contains 01 Danisa Golden Harvest Moo (Crafted from 1 tael of 24K SJC gold by Danisa's own design, weighing 1 tael) for each Lucky draw phase.

For further information:

 In addition, customers can also make creative images and send messages  of gratitude to relatives and friends by following these steps:

  •  Step 1: Scan QR Code to link filter with camera (insert QR code image)
  •  Step 2: Take/Record a video with a message of gratitude from Danisa
  •  Step 3: Share photos/videos on Facebook with the hashtags: #Danisa #TraoTriAnVang #GuiNganThanhY

With each 10 times photos are shared with the hashtags, you have together contributed 1 Mid-Autumn Festival gift given by Danisa to the teams of medical volunteers in Ho Chi Minh City.

Please visit Danisa's fanpage to join