Environmental Sustainability

We aim to both ensure a long-term ability to source the high quality raw material for our customers and positively impact the livelihoods of the farmers and their communities.

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Coffee Farmers Field School

We learned from the farmers about some of the threats that they face as coffee farmers. The sensitive coffee plants are especially vulnerable to pests and parasites, severe weather and climate change. Also the traditional farming methods resulted in inconsistent harvest. Declining yields, and volatile prices also affected the stability of the farmers income.

We are here to help farmers and their communities by offering technical assistance & training in coffee planting as well as better access to information about the markets.

Torabika Farmers Field School has been conducted since November 2014
in Lampung

The coffee harvest increased by 40%
after implementation of the program

Every year we successfully turned 50.000 tonnes of coffee beans into 6 billion cups of Torabika and Kopiko